About the Institute

The Caribbean Institute for Sustainable Devopment (TCI) is a non-profit (501c3) organization* whose purpose is to strengthen communities of the Greater Caribbean Region by increasing and improving citizens’ involvement in all areas of community life, including cultural expression, economic development, public safety and governance.

TCI was created in October 2010 by an international group of senior Caribbean and American anthropologists, economists, sociologists, and development professionals living and working throughout the Greater Caribbean Region. TCI is registered in Miami.

Our approach links community level governance to economic development, security, and community safety. We believe that the civic engagement of community members is the foundation of community security, economic development, and resilience.

TCI and its Board Members have led Caribbean regional juvenile justice and youth assessments, conducted project evaluations, and facilitated major international policy collaboration to reduce crime, focusing especially on inter-island youth gangs and trafficking. TCI delivers its programs through local community based organizations, building institutional capacity and leadership.

TCI is currently facilitating a discussion about a possible regional Technical Support Unit to support joint training and exchange programs between government and non-government security leaders working to reduce gang violence and regional crime in the Western Caribbean.

TCI is also helping women’s associations in Southern Haiti take steps toward financial sustainability and food sufficiency by  establishing their own membership-owned fruit tree nurseries.

Donations, suggestions, letters are welcome. All our management is volunteer. All donations are tax deductible and spent 100% on program costs. Click here if you wish to make a donation. 

TCI’s Certified Public Accountants provide our financial / accounting and CFO services. Our CPA is SJH CPA, LLC,  5825 Sunset Drive Suite 201,  S. Miami,  FL 33143.

*Public Charity Status 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).   EIN# 27-3710221