About the Institute

The Caribbean Institute for Sustainable Devopment (TCI) is a non-profit (501c3) organization* whose purpose is to strengthen communities by increasing and improving citizens’ involvement in all areas of community life, including cultural expression, economic development, public safety and governance.

TCI was created in October 2010 by an international group of senior Caribbean and American anthropologists, economists, sociologists, and development professionals. TCI is registered in Miami with programs and research activities in New Orleans, Haiti and Jamaica.

TCI thanks our supporters for their donations for the fruit tree program.  Last fall TCI launched a fruit tree program for Haitian farm families that were wiped out by Hurricane Matthew October 4.  The hurricane destroyed agricultural production in the south, which used to produce 40% of Haiti’s food.  TCI designed an integrated food security and local governance program that distributes fruit trees to women farmers and gardeners in the hurricane impacted area through their local organizations, and we were able to launched it right in time for Christmas in spite of some pretty daunting logistical challenges! We are helping this important area of Haiti get sustainably back on its feet and never face the prospect of famine again by supporting women farmers and gardeners through their community civic groups. This is not a giveaway program, it’s a highly targeted sustainable development program, and with your help it is working.

For details and updates please check the blogposts regularly, and don’t hesitate to communicate with us.  No donation is too small or too large. Just $7 funds the production, distribution and follow-up for each fruit tree, and all our management is volunteer.      

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Thank you! All donations are tax deductible and spent 100% on program costs.

TCI’s Certified Public Accountants provide our financial / accounting and CFO services. Our CPA is SJH CPA, LLC,  5825 Sunset Drive Suite 201,  S. Miami,  FL 33143.

*Public Charity Status 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).   EIN# 27-3710221