Follow a Fruit Tree Distribution in Haiti in Real Time (Via Live Twitter!)

Follow us “live” on twitter (@caribbinstitute) as Board Member Henry Hogarth brings several hundred fruit tree seedlings to women gardeners in the Grande Anse, a region of southern Haiti that was severely impacted by Hurricane Matthew! The fruit trees are being delivered to one of our local partners, CARITAS, a Catholic organization that is working to improve education, health and economic opportunity for the women and men struggling hard to recuperate from the hurricane.  Via live twitter over the next three days you’ll meet Henry, a development specialist who has spent his career working with Haiti’s civil society organizations, our driver, and mechanic as they wind their way over striking mountains, ford rivers, and through small towns and villages, sharing photos and their observations and thoughts till they finally reach the CARITAS field team. On the second day you’ll meet the CARITAS field team leaders, Agronomist Dominic Pierre and Mme Mesnelle Mars, and the stalwart women gardeners of Jeremie as the fruit trees are distributed. Exchange your thoughts with us and with the women gardeners and be part of the experience.

The trees get loaded at our nursery near Croix des Bouquets at 7am tomorrow February 8, and the road trip begins! Henry hopes to reach the CARITAS team near Jeremie by nightfall. Distribution takes place Thursday February 9 and the return trip to Port au Prince is planned for Friday February 10. As is always the case with such trips, we have no idea what challenges the road conditions and river crossings will present, but Henry and his team are very experienced travelers and are determined to get the fruit trees to the women. Be part of the experience and follow them on @caribbinstitute.

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