Meet our Board

photo-bertrand-laurentTCI Executive Chairman Bertrand Laurent is an anthropologist with thirty years of experience in international development whose expertise lies in creating governance frameworks to deliver sustainable program results.  Bertrand has managed complex projects ranging from agriculture, rural credit and soil conservation to crime reduction and community development. Working in both individual countries and on a regional basis, his programs have increased small business and farmer incomes, strengthened civil society organizations, developed work force and educational policies, introduced community policing and youth crime reduction strategies, and used traditional farming systems to introduce new soil and water conservation practices.

julie-thormodsgaardJulie Thormodsgaard, a founding member and President of TCI, is experienced in program design and management and is also a Communications Specialist. Her communications work includes video documentaries on agriculture, pulic opinion and human ecology in the Caribbean for USAID, CARICOM and FoProBiM. She was also producer/editor, while based in Jamaica, of a weekly radio Caribbean current affairs program that was broadcast on Florida’s WAVS 1170 AM and podcasted on the web. 


Donaldo Hart, PhD is a senior, internationally recognized economist specializing in policy regimes and good regulatory practice in international trade and the business enabling environment. He enjoys in-depth experience in WTO policies and best practices in tradephoto-duca facilitation and modern border management. Dr. Hart also has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and team leader for the OECD, US Government, the UN and the World Bank Group. He has worked in more than 30 countries in the Latin America and Caribbean, throughout Africa, and in developing economies in the Middle East and Asia. In addition to his policy and regulatory consulting, he has designed and led nationwide surveys and contributed widely to strategic planning, performance management, and program evaluations.

photo-henryHenry Hogarth is a specialist in local governance, mediation training, and in designing and facilitating conferences on complex themes. Working primarily in Haiti, Mr. Hogarth has led nationwide debates on key policy themes for over two thousand rural and urban participants and has led training programs for small town mayors and local government administrators. A specialist in knowledge-management methodologies, Mr. Hogarth is a specialist in capturing new experiences and incorporating them into routine processes

photo-shareneSharene McKenzie is a Jamaican civil society specialist with over twenty years of experience in social work, probation, community development and youth crime reduction. Ms. McKenzie is an expert in participatory social assessment and gender analysis, and has strong experience developing partnerships between private sector and neighborhood organizations. Ms. McKenzie is also an expert in the linkages between youth culture, the entertainment industry, employment and social conflict.

photo-yves-francois-pierre-phdYves-Francois Pierre, PhD is a senior social scientist with over 30 years of experience designing and executing complex social, economic, agricultural and market research and analysis for private sector clients as well as international agencies such as the InterAmerican Development Bank and the United Nations. Dr Pierre is a specialist in Northern Haiti and Cuban-Haitian cultural linkages. He is highly experienced with complex multi sector social and economic analysis.



Tony Marcelli is a documentary photographer with over thirty years of experience on Haiti’s north coast documenting ecological and world heritage sites for the UNESCO and ISPANH, Haiti’s national patrimony agency. During this time he created a successful shipping company and led the establishment of a sister cities relationshp between Fort Lauderdale, FL and Cap Haitien, Haiti that was awarded the 2010 Innovation-Sustainable Cities Award for its work with One Village Planet for mangrove coastal reforestation.