Capabilities & Experience

TCI’s strengths are in our Board Members, associates, volunteers, and community partners.

Our Board Members each have over twenty years of experience working with local communities to combat corruption, create jobs, reduce crime, build skills, and mediate conflicts. We work with government agencies to develop, implement, evaluate, refine and replicate policies and programs in community policing, economic development, institution building, youth programs, and education.

During 2004-2011, TCI associates led the Civil Society and Community Transformation Projects (CIVJAM and COMET) in Jamaica. These were the first programs to successfully link crime prevention and governance in the Caribbean and to develop modern Community Based Policing throughout Jamaica.

Under a contract with Democracy International, TCI associates led the Caribbean Regional Juvenile Justice Assessment for the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) and also conducted a formal evaluation of the US Government’s Local Governance (LOKAL) program in Haiti.

Under contract to Social Impact Inc for the United States Government’s Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, TCI associates led the Eastern & Southern Caribbean Youth Assessment.

TCI board members and associates led groundbreaking regional youth and crime prevention forums and conferences in Florida, Jamaica, and the Bahamas including the first conference on Community Policing ever to be held in the Caribbean.

TCI board members and associates have served as trainers, conducted regional youth assessments in nine countries and provided legal and policy advice to governments and international organizations. We have also helped private and community based organizations in the Caribbean and Africa build their institutional capacity, prepare strategic plans and carry out advocacy programs. Our associates have led public policy forums and worked in the US, the Caribbean and Africa on policy formulation and program execution involving gang reduction, youth deveopment, anti-corruption, community development, economic growth, community mediation, environmental management, police reform, education, and culture.

TCI board members and associates have worked at every level, ranging from regional and national level policy development, executive level project management, and grass roots level community work.

A word about TCI’s technical & advisory groups. Because of the cross cutting complexity of our activities TCI relies on information and advice from many sources, both informal and formal. We are constantly learning from the experiences and ideas of many organizations and individuals. For each of our activities TCI has developed a technical and advisory group comprising highly valued friends, advisors and sources of wisdom with whom we regularly collaborate, meet, discuss, debate, argue, and exchange notes. The more TCI does, learns and shares, the more our technical and advisory groups grow.

TCI’s finance/accounting and CFO services are provided by: SJH CPA, LLC, 5825 Sunset Drive Suite 204, S. Miami, FL 33143.